Hair Treatments

Hair Loss
Are you experiencing hair loss, Although there’s very little you can do to prevent hair loss. at Dr Jain's Clinic provides solutions to all problems related to hair fall.
Alopecia can affect your entire body or simply your scalp, and it can be temporary or permanent. It caused by inheritance, hormonal changes, medical issues, or simply ageing.
Hair Regrowth
We offer Hair Re-growth treatment therapy for hair and skin with a special technique that is painless and safer than needle-based Hair Re-growth treatment therapy.
Premature Greying
.Premature greying is a condition in which hair go grey at the younger age. usually, hair gives the way the black color. We provide effective for premature greying of hair
Laser Hair Removal
Laser hair removal is a non-surgical way of removing unwanted hair. high energy light hits the target area, thus clearing the area.
Dandruff is a skin condition that mainly affects the scalp marked by the white flakes on the scalp. visit Dr Jain's clinic .
Hair Transplant
Hair is nothing but the crown for men and women. A hair transplant is a procedure in which surgeon moves hair to a bald head area.